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Post by Nimrod » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:35 pm


Please use this forum to discuss the Warcraft System. Post bugs, ideas and questions you may have about the system. Please keep in mind I'm still working on the system, but for those of you who've used it, you'll have an idea of where we're going.

Feel free to chime in with ideas and minor tweaks that you think may help out. Keep it civil and on topic, please.

Here is a general list of things I'm working on and things that have yet to be activated or created.

Known bugs:
- Strongholds can be moved in to water rooms.
- Resources need to be tweaked down (too much iron being produced)
- No message written to warcraft board on destruction of palisade.
- Safequit rooms in palisades can be dangerous if the position is destroyed and the player logs back in.
- If you enter an enemy stronghold it is possible to get walled inside if the position is repaired and the breach is sealed. (Make sure you damage the wall sufficiently so a single round of repairs won't block you in.) FYI - A breach is placed when the position is LESS than 10 percent str (so 9 percent), and it's removed when the position is GREATER than 10 percent (so 11 percent), so there is some safety there, and the calculation is an integer, so it's not going to jump from 9 to 11 very quickly.

Things I'm working on:
- More echoes when relocating a stronghold
- vnpc troops need to use some rope and iron when reinforcing
- Casualty system (includes treating and transferring)
- Battering Rams
- Fleeing System

Things that will be added in the near future:
- Add crafts to recruit troops
- Add 'scout' craft to determine relative strength of an enemy position.
- Add craft to allow citizens to make donations to bolster morale.
- Setup craft to allow ambush / raid (details worked out, just need to implement).
- Add option to halt or limit resource runs
- Add new reinforce crafts (so you don't have to run it 20 times)
- Allow owner to determine defensive responses (are npcs deployed outside the position or not?)
- External Attacks. i.e. command your own troops to attack a nearby stronghold. (If there's no breach, they attack the walls, if there is a breach, they attack the defenders within.) Defenders have an advantage, so don't assume you'll win if you have 20 attackers and the defenders only have 15.
- Warmachines. Trebuchets, covered rams, catapults, hot oil, booby traps, etc... (The system is designed for these to be added one at a time, tested and then move on to the next.)
- Call for aid. If you're right outside the position you can call for aid, and a number of npcs will be deployed to assist you. (maybe)
- Trophy System. Each army will have a standard (a specially designed flag) and when the enemy destroys their position, they can not only steal all of your resources (wood, iron, rope, food and water), they get to keep your flag to display proudly in their own clan hall.
- Slave / Prisoner System. An attack on a position may yield npc prisoners, which can then be transported back to a labor camp, where they will be put to work. The products that these labor camps yield will vary by location. A labor camp is actually any one of your strongholds, most likely the most highly defended and closest to your own home turf.
- Surrender System. If you're on the short end of the stick and you happen to be inside a stronghold when it comes under attack, you may choose to surrender. When you surrender you are stripped of all gear and given over to your captors. You will then be transported to a labor camp and be given the opportunity to roleplay there. There is a slim chance that some day you may escape, but not before you've done some actual work. You'll be faced with the problem of either providing your dreaded enemy with more resources and possibly living, or refusing to help and most likely dying.
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