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Mobile Cover Objects

Post by tehkory » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:16 pm

Having heard this brought up enough, I thought I'd discuss something that doesn't exist and might be proposed for too long: mobile cover objects, using them for warfare, and how to balance them.

Cover in a nutshell:

I don't know if/how cover objects work these days, but cover's nice for the warfare system because it makes you commit fully to the ranged portion of combat, forcing you into a sitting position, but giving you protection against the ranged attacks of others. You're a sitting duck if snuck up upon, but much harder to hit with the bows.

Cover doesn't work -exactly- like the helpfile says it does, but it's 8 years old so who can blame it. As-is, it's directional, but objects give cover from specific multiple or all directions, and varying degrees of cover according to the object(I'm not sure if the cover objects actually work, because I can count the number of them I've seen on one hand, and have never been in a ranged fight with one handy).

So, for the in-beta warfare system, people have brought up mantlets:

So, how do we make an object and tie it into warcraft while making it 'balanced'? Obviously it can't give total cover to every direction, or flanking would be useless. So it's got to be directional cover. How do we make an object that provides directional cover that can be tailored to changing, mobile combat?

Crafts, I suppose. You make a mantle with a craft, 'make siege-mantle.' The mantle doesn't give any cover by itself, until it's positioned. Then you aim it with further crafts. Position siege-mantle-eastwards', etc, which need to be dismantled to be re-positioned, dismantling and repositioning each taking say, a minute.

(Un?)Fortunately, SoI changed directions. We've moved beyond up, down, north, east, west, and south. So each facing-mantlet may need to have ~a dozen directions. Let's stick with east:

An easter mantlet would need to cover east, northeast, southeast, upeast, downeast, upnortheast, downnortheast, upsoutheast, downsoutheast, and that's without counting inside(which it should probably cover by default, because you're aiming it at the fort) and outside(which I'd say should equally count by default).

ALL THAT OUT OF THE WAY, let's play pretend and see how this would work.

Men march on a palisade.
Men set up a mantlet.
Goblins may flank or charge, or else fight at a disadvantage.
If goblins are winning, men may either dismantle the mantlet or leave it, forcing an interactive choice when fleeing, as well as a cost to attempting/failing to assault besides 'people died.'

Suggestions? Thoughts? Ways to balance this? An iron hand from Admins saying not to think about it?

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