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What is Warcraft?

Post by Nimrod » Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:45 am

The Warcraft system allows any clan that qualifies the ability to deploy strongholds in the forest of Mirkwood. Depending on the clan's size, they will be able to deploy anywhere from 1 to 5 strongholds.

Strongholds are safe havens for the clan that owns it and any other clans that they have allied with. They provide islands of safety throughout the large forest of Mirkwood.

Clan leaders (Corporal and above) can order the physical movement of a Stronghold, so one day it may be two miles northwest of Utterby and the next day it may be 3 miles northwest of Utterby. Movement of a stronghold takes a lot of work and a full day to accomplish, so the maximum distance you can move a Stronghold in one day is a single room.

Strongholds can be reinforced by allies (players), to make them bigger and stronger. They can also be attacked by your enemies to weaken them and create a breach in the walls that can be entered to attack those within.

Strongholds are manned by virtual npcs and actual npcs. Virtual npcs stay busy gathering resources such as logs, rocks, iron, water and metal. These resources can be used to reinforce and build up the stronghold, or make repairs to damaged sections of the stronghold.

Virtual npcs only do about 75% of the repair to a position per log compared to a player character, so do as much as you can yourself, it will save you resources.

Troops can be transferred to and from your home base to aid in your battle plan.

Strongholds are actual rooms that you can enter and even log out in, so if you wish, your patrol can enter the stronghold and linger there for a short time or even for a week if you like. You can man the walls and scan out and even shoot at the enemy if they approach your position.

Once enemy strongholds are adjacent to one another in the game world, they can attack one another. (I strongly advise having as many of your clan mates as possible gathered for these attacks). You can deploy trebuchets and fire at the distant stronghold and you can deploy virtual troops to make a frontal assault. Once you've conquered the enemy position you can strip it of all its resources and burn it to the ground.

Once a position has been burned down it is completely out of the game and cannot be rebuilt. A new stronghold must be deployed.

Scouts will be able to spy on an enemy position to try to determine its strength and how many troops are assigned. If you have enough scouts assigned to your stronghold, they will keep an eye on adjacent rooms and report back on any activity they observe, such as troop movements and relocation of strongholds.

You can also attack a stronghold even if you don't have a stronghold of your own nearby, though it is much harder to prevail. This type of assault would be an ongoing campaign, meant to weaken the will of the soldiers inside the stronghold and slowly pick them off until you feel you can breach the walls and make a full assault.

When making an unsupported assault you may be confronted with a number of deployed defenders and be forced to fight them. If you are victorious in defeating the deployed defenders, they will either be killed or retreat and report to their infirmary where they will need to recover over a specified period. While they are recovering the stronghold is weakened and winning is made all the easier.

It is not required that you kill every defender... as a wounded defender in the infirmary is just as helpful to you as a dead defender.

In the end, this system is like a huge game of chess, with multiple factions taking part.

If you're taking part in the beta testing of this system, please feel free to post any typos or questions in this forum.

This is my main focus and will remain my main focus until it is fully playable.


How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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Re: What is Warcraft?

Post by Nimrod » Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:46 am

Here's the main helpfile for warcraft. Please comment.

<#****** / ^^^^^^ / ||||||> help warcraft

Warcraft: Combat

War in Middle-Earth is waged by players via our WARCRAFT system.

The system allows players the opportunity to impact the ongoing war for
Mirkwood in a very real way. Establishing a recognized army is normally left
to larger, military-like clans, though establishing your own, player-run
mercenary clan is possible if there are not already the maximum number of
mercenary clans. (Contact staff via email at hello@middle-earth.us if you wish
to apply for your own mercenary clan.)

HELP ROOM - will display any options that are available to you through
the WARCRAFT system. It is the single most important command to remember and
will help guide you through all aspects of warfare.

A clan is considered its own ARMY, and they may deploy smaller units, known
as STRONGHOLDS that may travel throughout Central Mirkwood in strategic
fashion, gathering resources, fending off attackers and attacking other enemy

When coming across a stronghold in Central Mirkwood you may perform these

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***


APPROACH STRONGHOLD - to move nearer to the stronghold.
GLANCE STRONGHOLD - look towards the stronghold.
DESTROY STRONGHOLD - sets the palisade on fire, rendering it
useless for whoever owned it. Note, this final destruction can only
be triggered when the walls are completely destroyed and all troops
removed from the position.

After you have approached the walls of the stronghold, you may perform these

LEAVE STRONGHOLD - to move away from the stronghold.
GLANCE MIRKWOOD - to look in to the Mirkwood room in which the
palisade resides.
REINFORCE STRONGHOLD - a craft that allows you to build up the
strength of the stronghold.
ATTACK POSITION - a craft that allows you to rip and tear at the
stronghold, weakening it somewhat.

Once a stronghold falls below 10 percent of its maximum strength, a BREACH
in the wall will appear and you may infiltrate the actual position and attack

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

its defenders. Be careful when you enter an enemy stronghold, you will
initially face only a single npc defender, but as time goes on you will face
more and more. Make sure you time your retreat carefully and don't make the
mistake of getting boxed inside.

There are some additional actions you can perform inside the stronghold:

COLLECT RESOURCES - Allows a player to remove real goods from the
storeroom of the fort.
TROOPS - Shows current troop levels and allows leaders to transfer
troops to your home base.
TRANSFERS - Shows troops in transfer and allows troops to be
transfered in and out.
RELOCATE STRONGHOLD <direction> - Order troops of the stronghold
to relocate the stronghold in the desired direction.

If you are a leader of your clan, you may have the ability to deploy new
strongholds for your army. Each army will have a war-planning-table, along
with a war board.

Your war board tracks all activities around your strongholds that have been
reported by your npc soldiers. You'll be kept up to date on the health of your

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

strongholds, when they were attacked, when your allies helped reinforce the
stronghold, when it was relocated and by whom. In short, you'll have a running
commentary on every action taken in and around your strongholds.

The Planning-Table will allow you to deploy new palisades to your default
deployment room (usually right outside your clan hall within Central Mirkwood).

As soon as you deploy a new stronghold it will be available for your troops
to begin operations. Your stronghold may be attacked by others as soon as it's
been deployed, so take care that you strengthen it as much as you can. Initial
hit-point levels of newly-deployed strongholds are fairly low.

Stronghold strength is tracked by number of hitpoints and maximum hit
points. Maximum hit points can only be increased by player-characters with the
REINFORCE STRONGHOLD craft when the position is at full health.

An example of Stronghold health upon intial deployment is 5000/5000. If the
position is attacked, strength may fall to 4500/5000, and if it falls to
500/5000 then the enemy may physically enter your position through a BREACH in
the walls. If the enemy destroys the position (0/5000) and defeats all
defenders, they may completely destroy the position.

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

If a position is at full health (5000/5000), you may REINFORCE the position,
which will add to the positions strength, resulting in a higher hit-point / max
HP value. i.e. (5100/5100). The higher you can push your max hit-point
value, the stronger your position will be and the harder it will be for an
enemy to break down the walls.


If you've transferred some troops to your stronghold they will make repairs,
even if you're not around to direct them. Your troops are a self-sustaining
lot if you balance them correctly when transferring them from your home base.
When your engineers do make repairs to the positon they will only make repairs
to existing damages and will not build beyond the already set maximum strength.

There are six types of troops that may occupy your stronghold. Here is a
list of the troop types and a brief explanation of what they do for your

Defenders - These troops are the backbone of your stronghold. They
defend the position when someone attacks.
Scouts - These troops can glean information for your position, spying on
nearby enemy positions if you so wish. Scouts will also defend your position

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

should the need arise.
Archers - These troops will fire on the enemy when they get too close to
your position. Archers will defend the position if the enemy does infiltrate.
Gatherers - These troops are very important. They work tirelessly to
provide your stronghold with six resources. Make sure you have enough
gatherers to provide food and water for all your troops. In default conditions
a single Gatherer can feed and water himself plus two other troops. A defender
will fight in a pinch, but it's best if he sticks to his assigned duties.
Engineers - The backbone of war, these troops will make repairs to your
position if there are sufficient materials and will man your seige engines when
you wish to lay seige to a neighboring stronghold. Capable of dealing out huge
damage when properly armed with catapults, rams and trebuchets, these guys are
of vital importance to a position, so make sure you protect them by having
plenty of Defenders. Engineers will engage in melee combat to defend their
position, but like Gatherers, it's best if you don't let them.
Medics - These individuals can greatly reduce the healing time of an
injured Defender. Don't get caught out with all of your Defenders in the
infirmary. Heal them up and get them back on the lines with the dedicated
Medic troop. Medics are the last to answer the call to defend a stronghold,
avoid this if you can.

All troops will eventually engage in melee combat when needed to defend

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

their position. It is best to avoid this and have plenty of Defenders on hand
to answer the call because as soon as a specialized troop is re-assigned to
Defender duties, he may not be returned to his previous job. As a practical
example: if you have six of each type of troop in your stronghold and are
attacked, the first six soldiers to defend are your Defenders. Should the
enemy defeat the six defenders, Scouts will then be re-assigned on an as-
needed basis to defend the position. If this happens, the number of Scouts
will be permanently decreased.

Non-defender troops are re-assigned to the defender position in the
following order:

Scouts, Archers, Gatherers, Engineers, Medics.


You may transfer each type of troop either FROM or TO your home base.
The transfer command may only be used from within your stronghold and
you must specify the type of troop, number and where you wish to transfer

Your troops are not transfered instantly. There is a queue created for

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

each stronghold and for your home base. Each troop transfered to a
specific location is placed in this queue and each hour a single
troop becomes available. It is imperetive that you take in to
consideration these transfer times when ordering movements and avoid
any un-needed movements as this may tie up your troops in a manner
you may regret at a later time.

Should you find that you've transfered troops to a stronghold and now
wish to cancel this movement (perhaps because your positions is about
to be overwhelmed by an enemy and you want to abandon it), you may
cancel a previously ordered transfer. Canceled transfers will be
placed in the transfer queue of your home base.

Example: TRANSFER DEFENDERS 12 HERE - will transfer 12 defenders
from your home base to the stronghold you are in. The 12 troops
will be placed in the queue (you may check the queue by entering
the command TRANSFERS with no arguments). Each hour, one troop
will report in to the stronghold and become available for use.
The entire process to transfer all 12 troops will take approximately
12 hours.

NOTE! If you transfer 12 troops to the stronghold and then

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***

immediately cancel the order, those 12 troops will be placed in
the home base transfer queue and it will take 12 hours for them
to become available again. Use caution when using this command.

Although each stronghold maintains its own queue for incoming
transfers, your home base does not have seperate queues for
each stronghold. This means that if you command 5 strongholds
and command transfers of 10 troops from each stronghold back
to your homebase, that the total transfer time home will take
approximately 50 hours.


Your NPC troops don't just sit around, waiting for the enemy,
or for you to command them. They are an industrious lot and
if you deploy them correctly they can be self-sufficient, and
even gather materials for you that you can use.

The resources that are available are: logs, iron ore, stones,
rope, food, and water. Logs, rope and iron are used by your
npc engineers to reinforce your position. Stones may be used
in catapults or broken to create smaller projectiles for other

*** Press return to continue - 'q' to quit ***


Of course food and water are used to feed your troops. A
single gatherer troop can gather enough food and water to feed
himself plus two other soldiers on average.

Resource levels vary throughout Central Mirkwood, so it's
important that you know how to SCOUT RESOURCES. There may be
specific rooms that yield three times as much of a particular
resource as the average. These are key locations in Mirkwood
and we expect a significant amount of action around them.

Your npcs eat and drink automatically, so it's important to
keep food and water levels high so they don't go hungry. A
hungry soldier won't fight as well as a well-fed and highly-
motivated soldier will. Don't ignore the basics.

If your npcs have a surplus of materials you may remove
them via the COLLECT RESOURCES command. In fact, it is
highly recommended that if your position does have a surplus
of wood and the position is damaged that you remove some
of these logs from stock and use them to REINFORCE your
use of logs to reinforce the position
yields, on average, approximately 25% more hit-points
per repair than allowing your NPCS to do the job with the
same materials.

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