Archers and Strongholds

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Archers and Strongholds

Post by MrT2G » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:08 am

Just a had a couple quick questions in regards to the stronghold mechanics and archers.

1. Are archers suppose to shoot at enemies that are within sight of the stronghold or only those that "approach stronghold?"

2. How does supplying these vNPC archers with arrows work across multiple clans? Does each clan have to have its down arrow box or does it pull jointly from one?

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Re: Archers and Strongholds

Post by Nimrod » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:14 pm

FYI - Archers, though ready to roll, have not been enabled as of yet in strongholds. They will only shoot at enemies who have 'approached' the stronghold, so just walking by it will not cause issues.

Arrows will be provided to archers by the engineers, who will use resources gathered by the gatherers. It's kind of a sneak way to do it on my part, but it makes sense and makes it super simple for players. Rather than having to actually make and give a ton of arrows, they are taken care of internally.

For the record, in the future, players in Laketown/Utterby or the surrounding areas will be able to contribute to the war effort (for the Citadel anyway) and this will help them build up more quickly and increase their defensive capabilities.
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