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You're Going to Die(AKA: Wounds, Suffering, and Recovery)

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You're Going to Die(AKA: Wounds, Suffering, and Recovery)

Postby tehkory » Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:13 pm

Wounds, Suffering, and Recovery:

NOTICE: If I am wrong on the code, PM me. I will change it. Keep it from the thread.

You're going to die. It happens to everyone. This post is about what happens to your character inbetween full health and dead. This is mostly about roleplay, though I will mention some codes, and it's specifically from the perspective of the wounded PC/player of.

We're playing an RPI. Roleplay Intensive. We focus on that aspect, and even though there are significant amounts of coded aspects, they (should) all have the same joint focus: giving us a game and a thematic environment to roleplay in.

Roleplay exists along spectrums, from wouldn't-it-be-cool-if to it's-realistic-when to players-love-it-when. Narrative, simulation, gamist, and there's dozens of other ways to describe it. I don't try and bring any of these definitions into any actual discussion of roleplay, because they're contentious.

So, some beginning clarifications:
Nobody cares if their wounds list is 40 pages long. If they are alive, in active PvP or in PVE, they will continue trying to stay alive. And that's fine.
No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there's a simple fact: we're all playing corporeal, humanoid beings that do not have superpowers. We can be heroes and villains, we can be the 1%, but at the end of the day you're a being with a beginning and an end, a being that experiences pain and suffering, one whose body will experience a cascade failure to generally function given enough wounds. That usually leads to death, which is also a fact of our nature. If you didn't want to play with those two realities, you could've picked a non-roleplay, non-permadeath mud.

On Being Wounded:

Code: Select all
You are slightly the worse for wear.

You're a little roughed up. A short fistfight, a quick slash or stab somewhere that hurts but isn't terribly important.
Code: Select all
You are injured.

You will most likely need medical attention, but it shouldn't be more than one treatment/a day or two of recovery to see your bumps and nicks fade to bruises and scabs.
Code: Select all
You are moderately injured.

You definitely will need medical attention, and you will equally need rest. Straining yourself is unwise, and should lengthen your recovery, but not terribly so.
Code: Select all
You are severely wounded.

You're closer to death than you are to life, truly. You're going to need significant medical care, and you're limited in your ability to operate at full capacity. Straining yourself isn't just dangerous, it could be deadly.
Code: Select all
You are close to death.

Here is where your body refuses to do the things you want it to. It takes increasing penalties every time you pass out, driving you literally further and further away from fully healthy and taking longer and longer to recover. Exponentially so, in some ways, because it reduces your healing rate and increases the time it takes for your rate-of-healing to recover. Once you are out of immediate I AM GOING TO DIE danger, you should be resting. The body can function in this state, but only with great need and great risk(see: adrenaline). And staff should feel free to knock your ass out if you don't.

On Trauma:
When you take a wound, three things happen. Two of those are covered by trauma. First: that snarfagling hurts. Your skills drop, because you are busy hurting. Willpower negates this. Second, your body is that much closer to just giving up on anything other than curling up from the pain. This is your trauma bar, inbetween health and stamina. Your legs will give out from under you, and you will be conscious but defenseless. Every PC can experience this. The pain overwhelms your body to fight and your ability to make it fight.

On Wounds

Damage PCs and mobs do is generally split up into three types. Piercing, slashing, and blunt. It also goes in a scale. Small, minor, moderate, severe, grievous, terrible, and horrific. Wounds can have additional modifiers, such as bleeding, poorly bound/bound, infections, and fractures.

Code: Select all
Small wounds.

You got a nick or a bruise. It hurts, a little. It doesn't matter much. This will be gone swiftly, and never needs any medical attention.
Code: Select all
Minor wounds.

Blood flows, but not much and not for long. It clots easily. The bumps rise and fall, leaving ugly bruises but otherwise you are unharmed. You will heal on your own, and it'll be a scab in a day at most.
Moderate wounds.

Bones may snap, muscles may be strained, and blood will flow. You are harmed, and your wound may need some medical attention before it will heal on its own. Or it may heal fine on its own, with none of these things happening. Either way, you'll need a few days.
Code: Select all
Severe wounds.

Things only get worse from here: it will take a week or two to fully recover from. These wounds bite ever-deeper, and they are not things to be shrugged off easily. They slow you down, and every movement in your well-connected body will agitate them in some what. Permanent damage is unlikely, however.
Code: Select all
Grievous wounds

Here is where I start recommending permanent injury. While severe wounds are relatively common, grievous wounds start to edge towards not-every-day wounds. They're significant, axes buried into you and pulled back out, spearheads broken off in you, the full weight of a mace brought into your ribs by a strong, healthy man. Recovery will take weeks, but these marks will last.
Code: Select all
Terrible Wounds

Your bones are broken, possibly even sticking out of you. Your skin is rent and torn by the passage of the metal through you, and what remains is hard to recognize as what was. The structure of your form is changed, flesh turned and twisted in ways that will take weeks to recover from, and remain on your skin as a keepsake forever.
Code: Select all
Horrific Wounds

Two of these and you're dead. These used to be called mortal wounds. These wounds are as much internal as external: maces will shatter and split bone, spears will pierce through organs, and swords will nearly rend legs from your body. This alone will drop you to three stars at least: it puts you in a state where you are in incredible, hard-to-resist pain and your body is battling against shutting down, fighting desperately to keep life and limb. Your recovery will be a long, hard road that may have no real end.

Code: Select all
Bleeding, Infection, Bound Wounds and Fractures

Bleeding can progress much like regular wounds do, requiring multiple, lengthy bindings. The skill of the person binding these wounds both affects how quickly they are bound and how well they are bound, with poorly-bound wounds healing slower than normal ones. Wounds above moderate that bleed will not heal on their own if bound without first aid, otherwise it's a hit-or-miss thing. Tending or treatment will remove them. Wounds that are infected also will not heal on their own, and require successful treatment, rather than simple tending, to go away. Fractures work similarly to infections, except that the fracture won't go away until the wound drops to moderate.

On Recovery
Your recovery rate is based on your constitution. You recover from bloodloss and wounds at separate rates, and you will temporarily lose some of your constitution whenever you are knocked unconscious. This effect isn't overly significant the first time, but it gets longer and more significant each time you're knocked out with the debuff still on you. Recovery shouldn't end with the wound being gone, but nor should you act crippled when you aren't.

NOTICE: If I am wrong on the code, PM me. I will change it. Keep it from the thread.
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Re: You're Going to Die(AKA: Wounds, Suffering, and Recovery

Postby BoogtehWoog » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:56 am

Thank you for this informative post. There is a lot of great information in here that I hope to use in the future when roleplaying injuries sustained. While I won't say I will follow it to the letter, its spirit will certainly guide me! :)
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Re: You're Going to Die(AKA: Wounds, Suffering, and Recovery

Postby MrDvAnt » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:08 pm

Next time I get tired of a character, I'm going to have him get staph from a hangnail and then sepsis.
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