Rules for Orc Applications - 9/23/14

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Rules for Orc Applications - 9/23/14

Postby Fulgrim » Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:19 am

Background Location

- All 0RPP Vadok orcs will hail from tribes outside of the immediate area, and should not come from any of the 5 surrounding tribes; no orcs should come from Gijakpis Vras, Shunned Moon Slaves, the Wolf Brothers, Splintered Tusk, or Yellow Eye. No 0 RPP orc should be from Dul Guldur, though Gundabad is okay.
-- 1 RPP orcs may come from the aforementioned tribes.

- Players are free to describe and utilize ideas for their own far-away tribes, most likely to be from the Misty Mountains or the far reaches of Mirkwood.
- No orcs from Mordor


- No Khuzdul, Sindarin
- No written skills unless given express permission
- Ensure skills are referred to in the background
- Picks for longblade also require a pick in either polearm or bludgeon
- Picks for dual-wield need to include sole-wield
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