Official Unretirement Policy for Player Characters

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Official Unretirement Policy for Player Characters

Post by Alcarin » Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:50 pm

Staff have decided to allow players the option of unretirement of their retired PCs, with certain restrictions and requirements as follows:

1. You must have at least 1 RPP at the time of your PC's unretirement.
2. If you want to retain any of your PC's equipment or material possessions, you MUST contact staff to make arrangements for your goods to be saved for you BEFORE you retire your PC. If this was not done, then your PC will be outfitted per any other starting PC on re-entering play.
3. Your PC will retain all known skills and crafts, but is not elligible for returning in any position of authority greater than that of a Private in the Merchant Guard, a worker in the Lodge, or equivalent in any in-game clans UNLESS you apply for and obtain a suitable RPP role with the PC.
4. You may not unretire any PC until it has been a minimum of 30 RL days (4 IG months) since the retirement date.
5. You MUST provide a background story of where the PC has been and what they have done in the intervening time, and what brought them back into the game world's area.
6. Staff may decline any unretirement request that does not meet any of the above guidelines or any of the standard new character application guidelines, at any time.

Additionally, at their discretion, Staff my decline any unretirement request if they believe it will lead to a significant disruption of the in-game world: This clause is to prevent PCs from dodging the consequences of their actions via retiring from the game world and returning several months later.

7. If you retired a PC before this policy went into affect, you may request to unretire them. HOWEVER, you will be sent through the normal pre-game chargen rooms and enter the world with standard new character equipment, Staff will not be under any obligation to honor requests for your previous gear to be restored.

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