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Clan questions

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Clan questions

Postby Nimrod » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:52 pm

I got this PM and felt it was something that everyone should know about.

Wanted to ask a few things about this [clans] please -

- Is this a go ahead for the current stage of the game? or it something to look forwards to in the next stages of the game?
ETA- like doable in Utterby currently, or something to plan ahead for a move to LT?

- Is it for new PCs or current PC or valid for both?

- Will crafting clans, the likes of a "The Silver Hammer - Finest weaponsmithing & amrorsmithing, smithy in Utterby" be doable under the light of this announcement, with its own shop front and crafting tools and parts of resources?

This is almost a go for the current stage of the game. We will let you know in-game when we will be accepting applications for organized clans. Keep an eye on in-game boards. News should be coming out within a week.

This is for current characters at the moment. I have not made a decision on how we will be handling the process of a new character stepping into these positions through a unique role. I will be working on this, and roles soon.

Clans similar to The Silver Hammer will definitely be doable under the new system. I am hammering out the details of how a clan would get specific crafting tools and resources that are not available in-game.

This system will make available clan halls, coded clans, and proper tools to everyone who is willing to pursue their dreams in an in-character fashion. I would also point out that application does not guarantee approval. The process will be announced in-game, as well as here on the forums for your convenience.
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