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Artistry and You

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Artistry and You

Postby Bones » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:01 pm

Saw this pop up, perhaps Taurgalas can give some clarification. How exactly do you get Artistry up? I know some players in game have Adroit/High adroit skills, but are somehow making shoddy things.

Is this Artistry? If so, what do we do?
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Re: Artistry and You

Postby teepu » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:40 pm

There are crafts under artistry/bonecrafting/music etc that utilize artistry.
Im sure they get artistry up...
I also have seen artistry take a hike up with utilization of decorate object command.

What you might be suggesting at, regarding the roll of quality, from this post by Tiamat -

where it says...
RNG will be a factor moreso for oquality, so keep this in mind before you devote a lot of manhours to hoping for an exceptional roll, if you're only a Familiar-level weaponcrafter. Exceptional quality means that you're either very lucky or you're well above the skill requirement needed for that tier.

It probably is the poor roll, though i am not sure what would be considered well above the skill requirement for that tier, being it ordinanry tier things we have IG.

It probably also has to be do with when objects morphed (or still do) into a different, usually shoddy quality, randomnly. -- this I have observed and seen personally.
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Re: Artistry and You

Postby mongwen » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:21 pm

Randomness alert here, but we need to have something added IG, perhaps in both spheres, to give artists an outlet for their products. I approve of having artistry crafts and hope to see them expanded. The corollary is having something to do with them. Necklaces, hairpins and such don't have much use for certain kinds of people, but they need to be made to work the skill and they need to be sold or otherwise traded so that it's not just a waste of time and resources and you wind up with a bunch of random stuff taking up room all over the place.
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