Orcish Ranks

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Orcish Ranks

Post by Justanothacivy » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:14 pm

An excerpt from the in game board post....

"Alright, alright, listen up you snaga! Too many of you newbloods don't know how things are run around here. I'll be telling you worthless bottomfeeders just this once, any gob-shites forget, don't blame me when you catch a beating from one of the bosses!

The ranks of the Vadok are as follows; first off, you've got yer typical snagae rabble, the newbloods and those who are too weak or too useless to rise in rank. They receive no payment for their work, aside from rancid food and water, and most are considered to be little more than slaves.

After that, you got the Uruks, grunts, privates or what have you. These are the blackbloods who have risen up to prove themselves to be less expendable than a typical goblin and begun earning steady payments from the Warlord's coffers as a reward for their work, thirty coppers a month. Most grunts have survived a few major battles, and are likely equipped in higher quality equipment than those beneath them. The workers who reach this rank are valuable enough to the warlord, that any snaga who knifes 'em might end up with their head on a pike.

A step above yer typical uruk, you've got the corporals, or the 'Sharku', as they'd be called in the old tongue. Grizzled veterans of the Vadok Ushtarak, these lot are generally tough as nails, serving as the second in command of a crew. The more tough and ambitious ones among them are often seen leading out groups on patrol and exerting their authority on lesser uruks, as they know that should their underboss be slain, or fall out of favour, they will have a good chance at taking his place.

The Gazgrat, or underbosses, are the uruks most likely to be barking orders at you. Sergeants, Enforcers and Overseers, they handle the day to day operations of the warband, receiving orders from those higher in rank than them and ensuring the rank and file perform the task. Some underbosses will also lead a crew of three or four orcs, to defend their position from usurpers and carry out specific tasks

Warbosses command a company of orcs, which could range from twenty to two hundred blackbloods. Right now there are no warbosses, as the Warlord only has a single battalion under his command.

Finally, you got the Malgoth. Warlord of the Vadok Mal, he fancies himself the ruler of damn near everything that resides above, inside, and underneath these rocks that we call home. "

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Re: Orcish Ranks

Post by radioactivejesus » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:27 pm

thanks for posting. Once I stop being lazy about clan docs I'm going to try and get a 'history of the Vadok' written up as well
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