Testing Player Storytellers

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Testing Player Storytellers

Post by Nimrod » Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:39 pm

We've created a small set of tools that will allow some players to assist with bringing our world to life in ways previously unavailable. These Storytellers will be able to provide support to help drive both admin plots and player plots with some unique commands.

We are currently tapping a few players to step up in to this role and turning them loose on the player base. They have proven themselves to be highly talented and responsible role players and we hope these additional tools will allow them to weave even more in to the tapestry that is Shadows of Isildur.

Player Storytellers are still players. They do not get any additional information on plots and are not able to see behind the staff curtain. They are taking on added responsibility by agreeing to be Storytellers and we thank them for their willingness to take part.

We are not accepting applications for Storytellers at this time, though we may in the future.

The tools available to Storytellers are extremely limited during this testing phase. We hope to expand the toolset when the concept proves itself.
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