Racial Stat Boosts

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How would you prefer racial stat boosts to be handled?

Don't give races any stat boosts: make the differences between races RP only.
Don't give any stat boosts but allow them to have different, slightly better equipment where warranted.
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Give races small stat boosts, something to set them apart from the common human/orc, along with slightly better racial equipment.
Give races large stat boosts and notably different equipment.
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Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Brian » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:48 am

My choice in this is the third option, to give small boosts and -slightly- better equipment in some way. I've learned through these discussions recently that equipment is absolutely the number one most important things in terms of combat, so I think that AC and damage wise special race equipment shouldn't be better than the equivalent tier of equipment that is craftable, but should have advantages in other areas such as weight, skill boosts, etc.

I can see boosts going two ways; the first where it's like old SoI where every race got the same specific stat layout, or an alternative way, where perhaps a special race gets you 3 stat boosts to determine as you wish, but with only 1 point going to each stat. I prefer the first way, where it is static and set however, as being able to allocate points will mean that any special race that is intended to be a combat character will put their boosts only to combat specific stats, and crafter special races will do the reverse. I think the second option encourages min-maxing which I think should be avoided.

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Re: Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Melkor » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:56 am

Which stats get boosted don't really matter that much from a code perspective since we have the upgrade command. From a lore perspective, they should probably be static. But yes, the third option without question.
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Re: Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Icarus » Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:04 am

#3 seems to be the common-sense option that sticks close to lore, allows the barriers to play those chars to be lower (because they won't be overpowered), and keeps long-lived mundane characters competitive.

So yeah, +1 to that.
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Re: Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Canawa » Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:16 am

I like option number three the best. However I also like the idea of each race having the same number of points distributed. For example: a total of 95 points may be given through all stats. Adding 1 point to constitution gives you 96 points so you take 1 point away from wil, etc etc.

So for an example: a dwarf rolls in and gets his 95 points distributed how he wants them, then the game applies the +1 to con and +1 to int. Then it takes a point away from agi and dex.

But out of the four you listed I choose number 3

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Re: Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Bones » Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:44 am

I think there should both be large boosts, but also penalties, and coded caps to certain skills as a tradeoff.

Just because it's a well-noted example with our favorite elf (as a race, not as the character) Elves might get a bonus to dexterity or agility, but a cap on say, crossbow skills and bludgeons, as well as perhaps a penalty to strength, or constitution. Yes, I know that Elves are supposedly Uber in some cases, but with the upgrade command you can redistribute if you feel your con or str are too low. This will lower your other stats of course, but that might even things out.

And as for notably different equipment.. Only notably different if it is -craftable-, and therefor obtainable by others. Granted Elf or Dwarfman might not want to provide XYZ to Human or (opposing race), but this creates a chance for the races to trade, provide interaction and earn XYZ.

Just my two cents.
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