Questions Regarding Racial Stat Boosts

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Questions Regarding Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Melkor » Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:05 pm

Hello. I have some questions about what is in character generation.

What are the racial stat boosts that different races receive? They are either missing or not clarified in character generation.

Beorning- 1 RPP - Am I to take it these receive no stat bonuses at all?

Rohirrim and Wargs - No description provided for them at all. What do these get and how much do they cost?

Dorwinion - 2 RPP - But no bonuses listed for these at all either.

Gondorian - 3 RPP - Again, no bonuses listed at all. And why does the description seem to imply that you can only be from Dol-Amroth or Pelargir (which is misspelled, btw)? Gondor is a big place.

Dwarf - 3 RPP - Description says a bonus to con and dex, but then at the bottom it says "Attribute Modifiers: +Str +Con -Dex -Wil". Which one of these is it?

Some clarification on all of this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
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Re: Questions Regarding Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Rishte » Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:56 pm

The human races do not have any racial stat boosts.

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Re: Questions Regarding Racial Stat Boosts

Post by Frigga » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:36 am

RE: On Gondor

The goal we have is having documentation for the places that people come from. To ensure that Guides and staff have a basis for approving or declining applications and for players to have a common basis for what they know about our IC/IG world. As not every player is equally knowledgeable about Middle Earth as a whole. We try to flesh things out for people about the culture of where people come from to allow them to create a PC who feels truly part of the world.

It is at times awkward and confusing for other players IC and OOC when different people have backgrounds coming from the same place and yet have vastly different ideas they present about what the place is like. We seek to prevent that by providing fleshed out documentation.

Part of it also is we have limited to access to a great deal of the previous documentation about Gondor (more specifically Pel-Anorien and Minas Tirith) and are looking to step aside from that as we look to creating our new world. We have different ideas about Gondor than previous staff teams, and I personally feel it is easiest to see those new ideas come to light if they aren't competing so directly with players previous ideas or experiences with Gondor as a concept.

We are looking to explore different parts of Middle Earth we are adding documentation and roles from more areas over time. :)

If you have a more specific thing you'd like to ask about or a character idea, drop staff a line at

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