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Post by Frigga » Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:10 pm

I've become aware of a discussion in another "shadow" forum which currently I do not have an approved account to officially reply with. (Whether or not that will get at some point be approved depending on who does said approving remains to be seen.) I have for the longest time maintained the stance of not replying to things posted there, directly or indirectly as I didn't want to "fan the flames" so to speak or start a he said/she said with other former staff/players.

However, for the record I'd like to say the following:

- There were any number of decisions made in the past that if I had the chance to do over again I would not repeat or would more have actively worked to prevent within my ability to do so. At this point, unfortunately being unable to change the past, I can offer only regret and apology and having learned from the experience is why staff at present are "sticklers" as it's seen for our game canon and documentation, to prevent such a thing from occurring again.

- I did not make the decision with Nimrod to shut down the more public and bombastic sections of the forums because of not wanting to have discussions with players about staff decisions (which we continue to do via the email support system) or to "hide the truth" from people. Quite simply, I grew weary of having to prune out swearing and other behavior that has always been against the rules of the SOI community forums, though the enforcement of such might have been lax at times. I am also rather aware that such things are against the rules of most other RPI game forums as well with the rumored punishments in other areas being sort of draconian.

Further, receiving reports from good members of our community that were harassed Out-of-Character through various channels including the forums themselves and other means (PM/HM/other RL channels) because of conversations there and a fair number reporting they were quitting our community as a result. Frankly, I thought people deserved better than that from us as a long-standing roleplay community and as representatives of the good Professor's works.

- Yes, we are rather an intimate player group at the moment.

In the past two weeks we've had 34 different PCs login that were clanned to Utterby. If you are one of these people please come back more regularly. Login at various times. Send in a ticket (email if you need some help we can provide in getting you going in the right direction.

- There's a large amount of work happening behind the scenes being done essentially by Rishte, myself, Meneldor, Nimrod, and our builder at this point. We might not advertise the things we do on a daily/weekly basis as much as we should though we've tried to start updating the Twitter/Facebook feeds more regularly. But that does not indeed mean nothing is happening. And to imply otherwise is incorrect and frankly, hurtful to the folks who are working hard.

Even as something as basic as reloading someone's equipment lost during a crash, fixing a buggy death, or fixing a craft or a prog wherein the reason for issue is hardly obvious is time and effort. It might not seem like much, but all of those things are done because small as our admin group might be we do indeed care about our players, the game, and the community. I am very grateful and appreciative for all they do and would encourage others to feel the same.

If you want to see something more happening in an area of interest to you, my first and strongest suggestion is to become active. I will freely confess that I more readily invest time and effort into things where there are people who can test, enjoy, and appreciate them.

All in all, we continue to work to build the game and work on building and re-building our community. If you'd like to rejoin us, please do so - make a PC. If it's been a long time since you've been active, making a new one might be the keener idea, we've added more documentation, roles, skills, and crafts, you might be able to better design to fit a character you'd like.

If you are someone who has a genuine interest or concern for our game and community as a former/current member, spending some time to play and test and try things out and to give feedback/ideas will no doubt be boundlessly more helpful than giving advice than prevents other people from doing so.

See you in Middle-Earth

* Frigga *

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