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Postby Nimrod » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:40 pm

Grommit has added a lovely new tool to help us keep track of things and help new players figure out what may be lacking in-game.


Here's the output as of 2 minutes ago:
Census of Active Players in the past two weeks:

Total Active Players: 35

Master Hunters: 3
Journeyman Hunters: 2
Apprentice Hunters: 6

Master Practitioners of Medicine: 1
Journeyman Practitioners of Medicine: 2
Apprentice Practitioners of Medicine: 1

Master Foragers: 5
Journeyman Foragers: 4
Apprentice Foragers: 7

Master Weaponmakers: 1
Journeyman Weaponmakers: 1
Apprentice Weaponmakers: 2

Journeyman Armormakers: 2

Journeyman Metalwrights: 2
Apprentice Metalwrights: 3

Master Leatherworkers: 1
Journeyman Leatherworkers: 2
Apprentice Leatherworkers: 2

Master Textilecrafters: 1
Apprentice Textilecrafters: 1

Journeyman Woodworkers: 1
Apprentice Woodworkers: 4

Journeyman Cooks: 1
Apprentice Cooks: 4

Apprentice Bakers: 2

Apprentice Brewers: 3

Journeyman Fishers: 2
Apprentice Fishers: 4

Master Gardeners: 1
Journeyman Gardeners: 1
Apprentice Gardeners: 1

Journeyman Farmers: 1
Apprentice Farmers: 1

Master Dyecrafters: 1
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