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SOI Skill List

Post by Octavius » Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:20 pm

Officially announced and for player discussion, this is what the skill list, and correlated craftsets, are expected to look like.


Crafting Skills:
- Blacksmithing
- Ordinary-Metal-Armorcraft
- Superior-Metal-Armorcraft
- Basic-Weaponcraft
- Ordinary-Weaponcraft
- Superior-Weaponcraft
- Basic-Jewelrymaking
- Advanced-Jewelrymaking

- Leatherworking
- Cobbling
- Basic-Leather-Armorcraft
- Ordinary-Leather-Armorcraft
- Superior-Leather-Armorcraft

- Clothier
- Superior-Clothier
- Basic-Cloth-Armorcraft
- Weaving
- Knitting

- Lumbering
- Woodcrafting
- Fletcher
- Coopering
- Basic-Weaponcraft
- Construction

Cooking Skills:
- Cooking

- Baking

- Vintner
- Distilling
- Brewing

- Butchering
- Smoking
- Processing (sausages, puddings, etc)

Resource Skills:

Forage (includes Scavenging code)
- Timberwright
- Foraging

Hunting (includes coded tracking and trap-use)
- Hunting
- Trapping

- Fishing

Cross-over skills: Same skill covers resource collection, and also some relevant crafting.

- Mining
- Sculpting
- Masonry
- Alchemy
- Construction

- Earthencraft (i.e. resource collection)
- Ordinary-Pottery
- Superior-Pottery
- Ordinary-Glassblowing
- Superior-Glassblowing

- Gardening
- Herbalism
- Floristry
- Dyecraft
- Superior-Dyecraft
- Perfumery
- Superior-Perfumery
* Also works in conjunction with Scavenge.

- Farming
- Orcharding (inc. beekeeping, vineyards)
- Handicraft (inc. chandlery and soap-making)
- Husbandry
* Also works in conjunction with Butchery.

Weapon Skills:

Small-Blade - Daggers, Knives (this was switched from brawling as the default skill in the code we now use; it reflects the ubiquitous use of and basic familiarity with longknives and utility knives in daily life for Men and Orcs alike.)

Dodge, Deflect

Sole-Wield - any use of a single weapon, one handed or two handed.

Dual-Wield - any use of two held items, weapon/weapon or weapon-shield

(Sole-wield and Dual-wield should not be 'picked' but instead be learned naturally in game or given bonuses for trained-soldier roles only. They set apart amateurs from professionals.)

Brawling - self-explanatory. Note, code now allows a more "rough" rather than urbane setting. Rooms can be flagged Peaceful to prevent all conflict, or flagged Brawling so that enforcers only get involved if someone draws a weapon.

Long-Blade - All swords, all medium-length thrusting weapons. Primary skill for those -trained- in combat, like soldiers or caravan guards.

Bludgeon - All medium length whacking items, including maces, clubs, and axes. This is the primary weapon skill for woodsmen, foresters, farmers, and others who use a dual-use item for combat when called upon.

Polearm - all long weapons, including spears and javelins.

Ranged Weapons:

Aim (Given)

Shortbow (Pickable)

Longbow (Pickable)

Crossbow (Pickable)

New Special Skills:
Medicine - This skill is in place of the old Apothecary in our setting. It requires first-aid, functions to help success of healing checks, and benefits from also having Education.

- Apothecary
- Physician

Education - This skill functions in place of literacy; it also helps reduce critical failures (but doesn't increase successes) for educated skills like Medicine. Could be renamed Scholar.

- Bookbinding

Artistry - This is a new skill for Artisians, which governs customized decoration of objects as well as works of art (custom statues, busts, carvings, paintings, etc)

- Artistry

Special note: Certain crafts may require checks against more than one skill. For example, carving statues will require Stonecraft and Artistry. Lacemaking in superior-clothier will take Textilecraft and Artistry. Advanced perfumery and chandlery will require Gardening and Education. Alchemy will require Stonecraft and Education. Engineering tasks under Construction will take either Woodcraft or Stonecraft and Education.

Music - This is the ability to use sound to move men's hearts, be it by instrument, song, or tale. There will be a "play" command for instruments that echoes the quality of music to the room. There will be supported crafts to help with the spread of tales and lore (players adding to the permanent history of the game).

- Musicianship
- Taletelling

Other Misc Skills are kept:
Handle (aka Ride)
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Re: SOI Skill List

Post by Octavius » Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:28 am

Based on player input, we have added two new Specialty Crafting Skills - Armorcraft and Weaponcraft. They will require that you have a base skill first (metalcraft, leathercraft, etc.) but then represent the specialized additional skill needed to make functional weapons and armors in our environment.
Octavius wrote:This is what we're going to try for, code-allowing:
  • If you pick Woodcraft OR Metalcraft (Or Stonecraft and are an Orc) it will open Weaponcraft as a choice.
  • If you pick Leathercraft OR Textilecraft OR Metalcraft, it will open Armorcraft as a choice.
  • Armor and Weapon crafts will branch in their own craftset (you have to work on ordinary-leather-armor to branch ordinary-leather-armor) but using the material-based skill level (you need sufficient Leathercraft skill to branch in the Ordinary-Leather-Armor craftset).
  • Successful making of the armor or weapon item will require successful skill check against the material-based skill AND the armorcraft/weaponcraft skill.
  • Improvised weapons and armor (particularly for orcs) will test only against the Armorcraft and Weaponcraft skills to produce trash-quality items, but will allow these skills to be opened at the lowest level. (A broken femur shaved to a point that works as a small-blade weapon, a wolf-skull pauldron, a heavy branch cut to be a bludgeon, etc.)
As a side note, and since we were talking about skill-picks nesting, the following is also going on the To Do list:
  • If you pick First-Aid, it will open Medicine as a choice.
  • If you pick Medicine OR Music OR Haggle, it will open Education as a choice.

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Re: SOI Skill List

Post by Octavius » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:06 am

Common, Orkish, Wargish, Dalish, Sindarin, and Khuzdul.

Tengwar and Cirith

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