Darkest Dungeon

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Darkest Dungeon

Postby Brian » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:53 am

I heard about this game awhile back on Penny Arcade and have been following its progress ever since. It looks absolutely unique and right up my alley, and I suspect, the alleys of several folks here. The idea of your adventurers slowly succumbing to the psychological stress of fighting of horrible monsters and viewing their deprecations is awesome, and something that when I think about it am surprised hasn't been really implemented before! I love the idea of my front line soldier only being able to keep going when stinking drunk, and having those effects implemented into the game!

Anyway, go and take a look! They started a kickstarter today (the first one I've ever backed!) so if you like what you see you can get in on the action with some nice rewards.

Darkest Dungeon
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Re: Darkest Dungeon

Postby Octavius » Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:52 am

For a tabletop RPG, you should look up Torchbearer.
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Re: Darkest Dungeon

Postby Yoink » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:07 pm

Yeah, I've been loving the look of the game for a while now. :)
Although how good it sounds on paper (well, monitor) and how well it works in practice are two different things entirely... It'll be interesting to see how the mechanics tie together all the excellent ideas involved.
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