Midsummer Fest - Saturday and Sunday

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Midsummer Fest - Saturday and Sunday

Post by Rishte » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:09 am

Booze, music and midsummer revelry will be happening this weekend!

Those characters seeking to marry or declare a legal inheritor such as a child or Apprentice should arrange a meeting with Master Wheeler via a support ticket to hello@middle-earth.us with the subject of marriage/declaration and the name of the other PC involved. Declaration of inheritor is only at this time open to PCs.

PCs can also arrange a meeting with the local Litigant Nimel between 8am and 11pm GMT to be made aware of what to expect, what to wear and so on.

It is highly suggested that players read up on marriage documentation ahead of time and learn the traditional vows ICly through said Litigant or from Master Wheeler at the time of the union-making.

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