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New Area - Leave Your Mark!

Post by Rishte » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:13 pm

Hear ye, hear ye!

There is something afoot on the horizon, something new, something amah-zing. But what is it!? Well it's a secret. I can tell you this, that it is some place you can play. It is some place dark, filthy, underground amidst tunnels, vast chambers, with the only light being the crackling of torches and the burning of pit fires. There are crevices you might fall from, holes you might plummet into, there are rope bridges, and more. Okay so how do I get involved in this?!

If you want to see this readied the faster, here is your chance. I am seeking up to 5 awesome SOI players to help me finish this and get it under your boot-heels. Want to be one of those awesome players!? Submit an email to with the subject of 'Volunteer - Dark Places'.

There is a deadline to get involved in this, that is by Sunday the 13th. This will be a first come, first serve sort of deal but don't fear, if a person ahead of you doesn't finish by the date asked of them, you can take their spot!

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