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Post by Rishte » Tue May 24, 2016 9:25 pm

Available in Character Generation:
Bonecraft - Craft - Non-jewelry bone and shell objects.
Dyecraft - Craft - Dyes and dyeing of cloth and leather.
Gemcraft - Craft - Carving, cutting and shaping of gemstones.
Seamanship - Non-Craft Support Skill
Gambling - Non-Craft Support Skill
Distilling - Craft - Distilling of liquor and perfumes.
Mining - Craft - Mining of stone, metal and gemstones.
Herbalism - Craft - Foraging and working with herbs.
Waxcraft - Craft - Chandlery and soapworks.
Boatcraft - Craft - Making and repair of boats.
Jewelrycraft - Craft - Jewelry, requires bonecraft, woodcraft, stonecraft or metalcraft along with.
Husbandry - Craft - Taming, breeding and training of animals.

Available by Role Only:
Sarati - Script
Haradaic - Language
Segja - Language
Winecraft - Craft - Wine-making.

Please note that these new skills are only available to new characters. Established characters may seek out learning them in game.

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