Thank you!

Your contributions to Shadows of Isildur-Laketown are greatly appreciated by staff, as well as everyone who will read your work for years to come. Participating in our open call for descriptions and ideas allows you to help shape our world and create a powerful and lasting legacy for yourself and Shadows of Isildur.


As a novel may be energetic and forceful in its pacing and descriptions of both settings and actions, so too are our artfully penned settings. Ranging from the dark and dank of Mirkwood Forest to the enchanting Boardwalk which encircles the unique city of Laketown. Our world is crafted with great care and attention to detail, allowing any who play to become immersed within the world that you create dynamically with your imagination.


Encompassing the northeastern section of Mirkwood, SoI-Laketown serves original copy for each and every room within the game. Going a step beyond the average RPI, SoI-Laketown provides the ultimate in environmental interaction though seasonal descriptions of outdoor locales. Highly stylized night and day representations are also served for your pleasure. With more than 120,000 unique descriptions, SoI-Laketown provides the ultimate in realism of season throughout our world.

Vivid Detail

Extremely wide piles of extremely sharp, smeared and mottled grey shale and enormous rocky slabs eclipse the nearby region. The amazingly steep territory is lacking the growth of all vegetation and is denied safe harbor from the deadly cold. Quite a few crags are strewn across the field here, which creates an extremely problematic and life threatening wander. The ground underfoot lifts abruptly to the north and then moves down at an extreme angle to the south. All about the uneven floor is doused with a few inches of fluffy, pure-driven-white mounds of snow, making for a slithery passage