Volume 13 Issue 12 - Steadfast

Posted by   Nimrod on    August 9, 2015

As most of you know, I had taken a bit of time off, approximately 10 weeks from mid April through the first of July, 2015. I was never very far from the game and stayed in contact with our Elder Staff members. Our vision for the game has not changed, we continue to reach for the same things we wanted when we first started talking about Laketown just a hair over two years ago. We've had several staff members come and go during this time, some will be sorely missed. But we continue to reach for the same things we've always been reaching for.

Many believe we are going down the wrong path when it comes to the number of staff-driven plots and rpts that we currently have, as well as our focus on establishing a solid base from which to build. What is that solid base? It's a fully fleshed out game world, with accompanying progs that will allow players to get things done. A fully functional city government for Laketown, as well as a functional Artisan's Union. It's also providing simple-to-navigate documentation for new players that will allow them to get in game as quickly as possible. It's a complete gameworld.

Trying to tell a compelling story when we do not have a complete gameworld is pointless at this time. Of course we'll have some admin-driven plots and RPA's that work with players to get things done, but that is not our main focus. So, Valued Player, please be patient with us as we strive to provide you with what we believe it is you want. A complete gameworld.

Yes, some areas of our game are lacking. Very much so. We are working to get those things taken care of, but refuse to rush forward just to knock something out. If it's going to get done, it's going to get done right. (At least as right as we can on the first go round). Will there be problems with things? Of course. We don't expect perfection, and we hope you don't either.

I feel tremendous guilt for having taken the time off that I did, but it was time well-spent with my family and just living life. I'm a very outdoorsy type, so spring and early summer are very busy times for me. I had a great time to relax and get a fresh persepective on things. I highly recommend that everyone unplug from time to time and unwind. It's good for your health as well as great for your roleplay.

So please, enjoy playing our game. We love having you. Don't expect weekly rpts or huge, sweeping admin-run plots though. Jump in with both feet and make your own magic. We'll try to help where we can, but most of us will be busy with trying to finish Laketown.

In the end, it is our wish to provide a long-lived game world where players can put down roots, become comfortable with their characters and really delve in to the depths of play. Once we do reach beta (and full-open beyond) we will continue to add new and exciting areas fully of danger and intrigue. It is not our intent to provide a static storyline that will force us to always find the next big thing to keep a handful of our players entertained. This type of plan is impossible unless you're willing to run a game for a year or less and then just shut down because you have no more story to tell. Ours is a rich setting with thousands of small stories buried within, each unique and as entertaining to those that partake of them as an admin-imposed story.

Thank you to all those that have contacted me over the last few weeks with words of encouagement. It's greatly appreciated.



Builder News:
07/30/2015 Bathhouse nearly complete. Ohmygodbubbles! Rishte
07/25/2015 Mining crafts in. Smelting of gold, silver, copper, bronze, tin and pewter now possible. Rejoice! Rishte
07/21/2015 Shinies! Sparklies! Metal jewelry to be had! Rishte
06/18/2015 Ever wanted to smell fantastic? Maybe make others smell fantastic? Perfume-making now possible. Rishte
06/18/2015 Ever wanted to hear the swish of cloth between your knees? Feel like a merchant or a pirate? Say hello to your cloth and leather rus pants. Rishte
06/09/2015 Lace up those laces, ladies, we have leather and suede bodices your way a-coming. Rishte
06/09/2015 New Beorning documentation available with roles. Amah-zing. Rishte
06/05/2015 Want to kick your feet up on your desk or have a place to stack your papers? Say hello to your new, craftable desks. Rishte
06/04/2015 Tired of just fishing for fish? Go hunting for river-mussels. I hear they're delicious. Rishte
06/04/2015 You want bunkbeds? You got 'em. Craft away. Rishte
05/30/2015 Central Mirkwood will now be populated with a variety of wildlife. Ceredir
05/29/2015 Keeping wanting a nice, pretty ribbon for your man-bun or your to hold your beard out of your soup? You can now craft them. Or buy them. Rishte
05/29/2015 Like grommets? Need them for crafts? You can now forge, cast or carve them. Huzzah. Rishte
05/29/2015 You like picking leaves? Say hello to 19 new tree additions to gather tree-greens. Rishte
05/25/2015 Hello Farmers. New crafts in for you to delight yourselves with. Enjoy! Rishte
05/24/2015 Sick of the fish smell around town? Find a myrtle-wax candle and light it up. Tired of smelling like fish, sweat and whatever you've been sleeping in? Find some myrtle-wax soap and get your scrub on. Rishte
05/20/2015 Small and medium undyed leather and suede squares are updated for realism. Where 1 large square takes 1 jar, 2 mediums take 1 jar and 6 small take 1 jar. Wee. Rishte
05/18/2015 Want weapons racks? Pester your local woodwrights! Rishte
05/10/2015 New jewelry and tailoring crafts in. Crafters rejoice! Rishte
05/06/2015 More chandlery coming atcha. Rishte
05/03/2015 Through the darkness, light burns brightest. Now you have candle-making to keep your toes un-stubbed. Rishte
04/23/2015 Wooden arrows have been stripped of their (arguably) irrelevant variables and will now stack. Ceredir
04/21/2015 An automated system for managing loans, for both PC and NPC usurers, has been created. Ceredir
04/13/2015 New metal bead types now in game with corresponding crafts. Rishte
04/13/2015 Did I mention there are candles? I made candles! LET THERE BE LIIIIIIIGHT. Rishte
04/13/2015 Several variables have been adjusted across the game so if all of a sudden you see a change in something - that is probably the culprit. Some variables were conflicting with other variables and causing some madness in crafts. Fixed! Rishte
04/10/2015 Like dancing with a broom? Well keep those hearths clean, folks. Ashes will have some coming uses. Rishte
04/10/2015 You want leather? I got leather. Leather vests, jerkins and work aprons for you blacksmiths out there. Rishte
04/07/2015 You want dyes? We have DYES! Rishte
04/03/2015 Wargs now have 'rip raw-carcass' craft, allowing them to consume animal corpses. Ceredir
04/03/2015 Tired after a long day in Utterby? A little lonely? Fear not. You can now have double-sized beds, pillows, mattress pads and bedding. Rest up. Rishte
04/03/2015 Feel a little feather-brained? You will after stuffing these pillows and mattress pads. Rishte
04/02/2015 Who has brambleberries? You do! Rishte
03/30/2015 Added sparring NPC for orcs. Ceredir
03/26/2015 Hey gentle-sirs and you rowdy-rogues, there are new jerkins to be had. Button-up! Or button-down, I guess. Rishte
03/26/2015 More metalcraft jewelry for you metal-working crafts. Delicious! Rishte
03/26/2015 Working with Icarus on creating a dynamic, universal and fully adjustable tool for admins to set up automated dispersion of NPCs, wildlife, populate certain points of interest in a realistic way etc. Ceredir
03/25/2015 You feel like buttoning your vest? Well I've got buttons. I've got vests. Rishte
03/23/2015 Every tree in game now will have corresponding parts such as bark, leaves and shoots which can be dried and while raw or dried used for a variety of things. How to get these... now. That is coming shortly. Rishte
03/23/2015 Fifty four new items in for foraging and some craft support as well as fifty four on top of that to be utilized with drying. You're welcome herbalists, you're welcome. More to come! Seriously. More to come. Rishte
03/12/2015 New crafts for Artistry, Woodcraft, Bonecraft and Metalcraft go live with the next reboot. Buttons now in-game to support Textilecrafts. Rishte
03/11/2015 New crafts available in Textilecrafts as well as a 'good-textilecraft' craft for those of superior ability. Rishte
03/11/2015 Do you have a bald spot? Dry scalp? Is your hair terrified of sun or snow? I have just the thing for you... leather hats! Rishte
03/11/2015 A few minor typos fixed: gut unscaled-fish will no longer change the fish's size linden tree copses will no longer produce random types of wood Ceredir
03/09/2015 Fleshing out some back streets and dark corners of Laketown. How many bridges can there be in a single town? Ceredir



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