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Vol 13 Issue 17 - More Warcraft

Posted by   Nimrod on   Sep 28, 2015

In which Nimrod talks even more about the up and coming Warcraft System of Shadows of Isildur.

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Forum Announcements

Flee Bug Fixed

February 27th

Straight from the dog's mouth:Grommit wrote:The helpfile claims that if you specify a direction to flee, you will move in that direction. Unfortunately, that has been incorrect, and whether …

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Everyone Thank Grommit

February 14th

The Employee of the Year award definitely goes to Grommit. Sure, he's easily bribed and persuaded by aged cheddar, shredded parmesan, or some hard Gruyère, but he's been crackers abo…

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Old Forums

January 23rd

The old forums are moving again. Instead of wolfster.com, they are now located at wolfster.us.Sorry for the inconvenience.-Nim

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